Fearless . Creative .Vivacious 

As an interdisciplinary performer, director and choreographer, I work in various performance forms including text based plays, dance theater, music and devised performance. 

I began performing in Sydney in 2002 in traditional proscenium arch theatre and trained in Meisner technique. After moving to Brisbane in 2007, I began training with OzFrank in the Suzuki Method of Actor Training (SMAT) and in what is now known as the Nobbs Suzuki Praxis (NSP), a uniquely Australian adaptation of SMAT. 

In 2009 I formed ExperimentONE with my directorial debut, Flicking the Flint, which premiered at Brisbane Festival’s UNDER THE RADAR and continued a season at Adelaide Fringe Festival and Metro Arts, Brisbane. 

In 2013, I moved to New York City and performed with Witness Relocation at LaMama. Other
international performances include the Lotos Collective in London (2006), The Reckoning of Badengood at Suzuki’s Toga Summer Festival, Japan (2009) and in New York City with Emma Dean in Imaginarium; and in my self-produced dance theatre work, Untitled Development 1. 

Left: Ligo Project's Art of Science, and right, an early collection of works.