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  • Kate Lee

I fell off a chair

Each daily New York Times Morning email goes to a 'COVID 19' folder, just in case I want this info later.

Monday: p downplays COVID, claims 99% are harmless. infection rate is three times higher for Latinos and Black Americans; 41 year-old Broadway star dies; quick kimchi.

Tuesday: Southern strategy isn't working for p; everyone talking about school and university and universities and schools; Latino man in AZ shot by police; Amy Cooper charged; maple blueberry scones.

Wednesday: Arizona tops Corona Virus, (from now on in blog is called CDV), Floria, SC growing rapidly; Bush fires in Arctic; environmental disaster; Mary Trump says p is 'sociopath'; sorrel is great in salad.

Thursday: p criticizes CDC for recommending schools take rigorous measures before reopening; CDV hits Puerto Rico; Robin Hood no good for inexperienced traders; dip, which I am not into, but the recommended tv show, I am, "Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas".

Friday: Two people in hazmat suits carry a body under headline, 'New Surge"; Supreme Court will look at p's finances; Deadly rain in Japan; gumbo.

Saturday: fall off chair

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1 comentario

14 jul 2020

Brilliant Kate, I fell off a chair is so cheeky. First instance people be seeing a drug addict, secondly exposing the general public’s numbness to response to other human beings & thirdly because you are an artist & just simply sliding off a chair makes me laugh with my own cheeky smile

Me gusta
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