• Kate Lee

Will You Move Your Apartment?

I meet a friend We sit in the park, apart from each other They are cutting the grass It feels good to smell I form cut-grass mounds. My voice has weakened, my friend says, It feels hardly there.

Do we stay or do we go? When do we go? Will you pack your apartment? What will we do when we get there? (Carriageworks has closed) (15 years here)

What about Took Took? She asks. I know It is one reason to never get an animal. I know

The air cools We get up to leave I want to see the sky before we go Look across to Manhattan, I tell her, how clear it is. If we didn’t have masks, you could smell the water. I show her the 4-leaf clover patch. It’s our lucky day

All videos are created on my phone with free software and royalty free music from apps. This music is by @judsoncrane. Documenting process on Instagram @kateleespace and @urbantheatrelab

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