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Feel indecisive or stuck? 

Want to 'get out of your head', reconnect to yourself, 

take a break

and do something creative? 

Creativity as process and practice is a tool for wellness that offers us new ways of seeing ourselves and being in the world.

Often, it uses a language of sign, symbol or metaphor.

Drawing from 20+ years collecting processes and tools, I coach one-on-one and group workshops to guide participants into a sense of well being and mindfulness, connecting the mind with the body and the body with the heart.

WE may write, draw, do theatre activities, play.

CURIOUSclick here for more info or

contact me for a phone consultation. You can tell me what you are looking for and if I will be a right fit.

Sessions are designed to connect with you and your needs, and will go at your pace.

Creativity sets us apart from the rest of the natural world. We create the world we live in, and creativity is at the heart of humanity - Sir Ken Robinson.


 Kate, from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for having created the opportunity to find light from within, for providing a safe space to contribute idiosyncrasies, for holding calm amongst our storms, for allowing vulnerabilities and humility to be shared openly without judgement, for the continued forum of openness, honesty and friendship. Thank you thank you thank you.


It has been a very special experience to connect with you and the other amazing women in the group. Not only have I been inspired creatively but also to see what is possible in building a community (even through Zoom!) has been profound. What could have been a very lonely and difficult quarantine was transformed into a time of connection and personal growth. And all this borne out of your effort to connect through shared experience. It has shown me that even the simplest act/gesture can yield immense results with far-reaching effects - a lesson well-worth remembering as we all continue to contemplate how we can contribute meaningfully to this world even in times of darkness.


Standing in your presence Trusting your grace

Feeling your warmth

That’s holding the space

For my truth would not flow My heart would not beat

 With all that this is

If we did not meet

you have created a safe space for connection with ourselves and others, I am so grateful to have been part of this work with you!


 I now see flowers and trees in a new light, not to mention beautiful sunsets and moon lit nights. It has also enriched my personal relationships with family and friends.


You've given us all a tremendous gift through your gentle, thoughtful, intelligent, playful curation of this course [The Artists Way], which has resulted in so much spiritual growth and deepened friendship for all of us. This has undoubtedly helped rekindle my inner artist, and I look forward to applying the lessons to reigniting my creative endeavors in this next exciting life phase.

You are a highly gifted leader, teacher and artist, and we are all lucky to have had you help guide us through this deeply special experience.


Thank you.

For your creative prompts and gentle guidance.

For giving me a reason to get out of bed before 10am on a Saturday.

For turning a time fraught with tension and tragedy into my own spring awakening.


Because of you, this book and this group of generous, creative women that you brought together – I have filled legal pads and notebooks with my thoughts, hopes and dreams, I've read and listened widely, I've hatched plans. And I've found friends and creative allies.

Thank you again Kate. I can't wait to keep learning from and growing with you in this community, and I'm so grateful for you and the thoughtful, big-hearted work you do within the AWNY community


I learned so many new things through you and our friends. My quarantine got lighter, because of you. You helped not only me, but also my friends. I shared with them what I have experienced in our group every day after we met. 


Thank you Kate for inspiring me to embark on my journey  in photography, still very much in the mystery stage but enjoying the process!


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